Chris Mikkelson | Equipping the Saints
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Equipping the Saints

We believe’s God’s mandate to all evangelists is to equip the saints for the work of the ministry (Ephesians 4:11-12).  As an evangelistic ministry, we have a passion to see the body of Christ equipped with the tools they need to preach the Gospel and to see their friends, loved ones and communities come to Christ.  Our ministry does this through Good News Weekends, Pastors Conferences and Schools of Evangelism.


Good News Weekend
Invite our team to your church to do a Good News Weekend.  On a Good News Weekend, we will train your congregation to share their faith at a Saturday training and equipping conference.  Following the conference, we will lead the congregation into your community to do evangelism, pray for the sick and invite the lost to a special service on Sunday morning where Chris will preach the Gospel and pray for the sick.  These Good News Weekends have proven to be an effective way to ignite an entire congregation to share their faith and see new believers added to the church on the same weekend.

To find out more about inviting us to do a Good News Weekend at your church, click the button at the bottom of the page.

School of Evangelism
It’s well known that God doesn’t raise up one man to do all the work in the body of Christ.  This isn’t a one-man operation and if we’re going to see billions of people come to Christ, it’s going to take more than one person preaching multiple crusades per year.  It’s going to take the body of Christ and the local evangelists who are burning for Jesus to go to the highways and the byways preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  That’s why we conduct at least one major school of evangelism each year in places like India, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka.  At each school, we are training thousands of evangelists to go into jungles, villages and remote regions preaching the Gospel and making disciples together with the local churches.

Pastors and Leaders Conference
At each of our Gospel Crusades, we conduct at least one major Pastors and Leaders Conference where we train the pastors and leaders on all aspects of the Bible, Christian living and Evangelism.  We also pray for them to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit so they can receive the power they need to be a witness according to Acts 1:8.  These conferences have proven to be an effective way to train pastors who in the past, have had very little formal training, if any at all.  We also pay for the food, transportation and lodging for the pastors who travel long distances for the conference since many of them are poor and live below the average income of their countries.

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